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Eight Guinness World Records and an exciting South Pole challenge for humanitarian and founder of the Maria Cristina Foundation. Success and motivation go hand in hand for admirable humanitarian Maria Conceicao whose ambitious athletic accomplishments continue to raise awareness and attention to the crippling effect of poverty on children in Bangladesh. Her focus remains on providing opportunity for these children to have an access to education through her charity, the Maria Cristina Foundation.

Her latest achievements are commendable and inspiring. In a 6×6 challenge, Maria became the fastest female to complete six ironmans on six continents, and has earned her yet another Guinness World Records Title holder for this triumph. Her efforts are all in aid to bring attention to the impoverished slum children of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The 6×6 challenge was undertaken to raise $479,000 for the Maria Cristina Foundation, started by Conceicao in 2005. The Foundation prides itself on donating 100% of contributions towards their cause and 0% on overheads. Part of her motivation lies in encouraging the children to realize that they have potential and choices if given the opportunity, and that where they come from does not determine or restrict where their future can take them.

Maria, a flight attendant turned humanitarian, has helped educate over 600 children from the Gawair community in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, several of which children have been accepted into top universities because of her resilient efforts. Her determination and commitment to helping the children in Dhaka has been the key motivation in her major successes which namely include, becoming the first Portuguese woman to summit Mt Everest, trekking to North Pole, running consecutive marathons in seven continents, swimming for seven hours in the English Channel as well as being awarded eight Guinness World Records for her efforts.


Ever striving and determined Maria is back from her mission which she undertook a twenty-one-day South Pole expedition that started on the 30th December. She is enduring icy cold conditions, skiing (akin to walking or gliding on skis) for six to ten hours a day while pulling a 60-80 lbs sled. Included in the expedition is a nine-twelve-hour summit day of Mount Vinson.

For donations, updates and more about the Maria Cristina Foundation please visit www.mariacristinafoundation.org. To request Maria Conceicao as a speaker at your event please visit www.mariadaconceicao.com.

About Maria Cristina Foundation: Maria Cristina Foundation is a registered charity in the UK, USA and Portugal and was established 12 years ago with an aim to break the cycle of poverty in the slums of Bangladesh through quality education. Over 600 children and adults have attended school and been given ethical employment in the Middle East and Bangladesh thanks to the charity.

About Maria Conceição: Portuguese national and a former Emirates Airlines employee. She was so moved during her first visit to Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh) to the point that she vowed to make a change. She has been raising funds and awareness of the hardships and miserable conditions in the slums. In the process; she became the first Portuguese woman to climb to the summit of mount Everest. Maria holds 8 Guinness World Records and is the winner of numerous international awards.

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