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GCA is a leader in creating opportunities for social and economic growth for your company through connections to government, social entrepreneurs, and multinational stakeholders across the private and public sectors. Our aim is to become your trusted advisor, your diplomat, and policy change maker with respect to the objectives that matter most to your business. Our ultimate goal is to en-hance your reputation and bottom-line as a leading pillar of the business community while also be-ing a beacon for positive social change.


Government Relations: The GCA Public Affairs team believes that mitigating political and policy risk is an essential compo-nent of an organization’s business strategy. Increasingly, challenges emerge from new domestic legis-lation, the threat of violent conflicts, and changes in political culture which can create huge costs for business. We strive to provide a comprehensive set of solutions under an overarching government relations strategy, including political and legislative risk responses, violent conflict risk mitigation, and social and cultural contextual reporting.

Issues and Crisis Management: At GCA, one of our key Public Affairs services is to defend and strengthen your company’s or organization’s reputation. We tailor our responses and work closely with key decision-makers and stakeholders to ensure that responses to crises and public affairs challenges result in a positive outcome. At GCA we create a series of solu-tions such as proactive editorial content, strategic media responses as well as training internal company stakeholders, under a holistic response strategy.

Business and Public Affairs stakeholder engagement: Have you wondered who the key decision-makers are to access a new market? What are the regulatory requirements for the set-up of a new business vertical and, who is in charge of managing these requirements? Answering these questions can be daunting if one is unfamiliar with a particular juris-diction. GCA Public Affairs specializes in Strategic Stakeholder Engagement across the Middle East Region as well as Canada and the Iberian Peninsula. We do this by offering you a range of information and implementation strategies to assist businesses with access into new markets. We can provide you with critical network mapping of business and public affairs decision-making, we arrange inter-national visits and road shows, and we can provide real-time insight into market conditions.

CSR Strategy: Corporate Social Responsibility is about aligning shareholder value with societal value. How can business and organizations ensure that the intersect of business and society is one which ensures sustainable growth for both? At GCA our team is ready to partner with you to develop cost effective CSR strategies, CSR stakeholder engagement, and Partnership development where we align businesses with key sustainability and development partners.

Capacity Buildilng:
• Spokesperson Media Training and Interview Coaching
• Inspirational Media Training for Effective Spokespeople
• Capacity Building and Leadership Training
• Bilateral and Multilateral Negotiations
• Policy Planning and Evaluation