Happiness and Wellbeing Policy Design

What is Happiness and Wellbeing Policy Design?
Wellbeing is “next generation" public and business sector policy design. A unifying, cross-cutting theme, wellbeing will be the way governments and the private sector forge ahead and develop policies that help communities and nations at large prosper. GCA has developed a wellbeing policy framework that is tailored to meet the needs of the private sector. This guiding framework embraces what we call “Commercial Life” – the input the private sector has in transforming their respective communities into highly progressive and wellbeing attuned collectives, cities, and countries. Based on international standards such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, our approach is designed to make a company more productive, creative, responsive, and constructive across its business

Understanding of international wellbeing objectives and policy design
GCA has a team of experts with backgrounds in Positive Psychology, Finance, Public Relations, Banking, Education, Government and Public Policy. They have a deep understanding of the scientific literature informing wellbeing policy design as well as its application to private sector needs. Our team conducts peer reviewed research about happiness and wellbeing, including academic work articulating the needs for the inclusion of private sector entities as a component of overall happiness and wellbeing agendas in countries around the world. Our expertise in wellbeing policy design includes several happiness related articles in peer reviewed journals including published articles related to cultures of service excellence within private sector organizations.

Innovation in the discipline of Happiness and Wellbeing
GCA will partner with businesses around the world to develop a tailored approach to assessing organizational happiness and wellbeing policies and procedures while also suggesting innovative ways to foster further wellbeing through novel policy and procedures implementation, as well as capacity building. One area in which we are particularly proud is in the examination of the use of new developments in data science to foster wellbeing assessments using algorithmic and nascent AI technology to track and enhance wellbeing progress within a company.